What is Jason?

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Jason is a single app that lets you summon and bookmark multiple Jasonette apps simply by entering the JSON url, without building your own physical app or setting up development environment.

It's good for using as a container for single purpose apps or quick disposable apps, prototyping, beta testing, etc..


How is related to Jasonette?

Maybe it's easier if we put it this way:

Chrome : Webkit = Jason : Jasonette

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What is it?

An app that lets you bookmark and run multiple Jasonette apps without building your own.

Jason itself is built with Jasonette.

What is it?

The open source app engine that lets you build your own publishable app.

When to use

  • Start building without a development environment like XCode or Android Studio
  • Useful for quick prototyping
  • Beta test your Jasonette app with friends before submitting to the app store. Just need to share URL
  • Bookmark and run multiple Jasonette apps from a single app
  • Build apps that can't be / don't need to be published to the app store
  • Disposable apps, private apps

When to use

  • To package up an app so you can publish to the app store

How to use

  1. Download Jason from the app store
  2. Enter your JSON url in the address bar

How to use

  1. Download Jasonette
  2. Add your JSON url to the project
  3. Build it in XCode or Android Studio
  4. Publish to the app store or play store